Psychoanalyst in Madrid


Psychoanalyst in Madrid


WELL-BEING PSYCHOANALYSIS is a psychoanalysis and psychotherapy consultation in Madrid (Castellana – Salamanca) and online, led by psychoanalyst Susana L. Ruiz. Psychotherapy in Madrid center focused on adults and couples

Thus, she is an internationally trained psychoanalyst and accredited by the Spanish Federation of Associations of Psychotherapists FEAP, who you can find out about her private consultation on this page.

Susana L. Ruiz, psychoanalyst in Madrid, provides «face to face» talking therapy based on psychoanalyisis for adults and couples in English.

Her Psychoanalysis Consultation is located in Madrid center, close to US Embassy (Metro Gregorio Marañon)

She is used to work with international clients from different backgrounds, identity, sexual orientation, gender, culture, professions, age. Trained in Madrid and Barcelona (Spain) London (UK) and Zürich (Switzerland)

The aim of this talking therapy is to find deep routes for solving problems in life, past and present, and personal development

Then for that,  psychoanalyst works with clients exploring their contents related to childhood, relationships, feelings, memories, biography, dreams, thoughts, fantasies, in order to «make the unconscious conscious»


What is Psychotherapy ?


That is a talking therapy that involves a trained therapist listening to you and helping you to find ways to deal with the emotional issues you’re facing, or to understand why you are feeling a certain way.

Then, psychotherapy provides a safe, confidential and impartial space in which to explore your feelings. Your therapist will encourage you to talk about your thoughts, feelings and emotions and will respectfully listen and support you without judgement or criticism.

At some point in our lives most of us will experience times when we’re overwhelmed or feel that we cannot cope. If these feelings are left unchecked they can grow and develop with the potential to spill out into other areas of our lives – our relationships, careers, studies and personal lives can be impacted to the extent that we feel unable to continue to live a happy life.

Finally, psychotherapy is a personal and private experience, designed to help you resolve whatever individual problems you are facing.


What is Psychoanalysis?


According International Psychoanalytic Association IPA:

Psychoanalysis is both a theory of the human mind and a therapeutic practice.

It was founded by Sigmund Freud between 1885 and 1939 and continues to be developed by psychoanalysts all over the world. Psychoanalysis has four major areas of application:

  1. theory of how the mind works
  2. treatment method
  3. method of research, and
  4. as a way of viewing cultural and social phenomena like literature, art, movies, performances, politics and groups.


Psychoanalyst in Madrid

Key points:

  • A talking therapy where the client talks freely about feelings, memories, dreams, relationships, desires, conflicts…
  • Therapy helps client understand and resolve problems by increasing awareness of their inner world
  • So, it differs from most other therapies in aiming for deep seated change in personality and emotional development
  • Face to face individual sessions, 45 minutes
  • Involves scheduling regular sessions weekly
  • Some clients start with one session a week, come to feel the need for more frequent sessions


About Susana L. Ruiz

Susana L. Ruiz psicoanalista Madrid


Accredited psychoanalyst in private practice in Madrid. Internationally trained between Madrid, Barcelona, Zürich and London

Member of  Madrid Psychotherapy Psychoanalytic Association,  AMPP  (as part of European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy EFPP)

She has worked, with  Dra. Remedios Gutiérrez Rodríguez, psychiatrist,  Ms. Reyes García Miura, psychoanalyst,  Dr. Daniel Valiente Gómez psychiatrist, Dr. Manuel de Miguel Aisa, psychiatrist, Dra. Elizabeth Palacios García, psychiatrist and Dra. Silvia Cantis Silberstein

Psychoanalysis Services 

Psychoanalisys and psychotherapy in Madrid


  • Adults therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Online sessions are available


Spanish and English

Location in Madrid

C/ Pinar 6 bis- 2º A ( Zone  Castellana – Salamanca) – close to US Embassy

Metro – Gregorio Marañón (Line 7, 10)

View & contact

Working hours

Monday to Friday  (availability from 8 am to 22 pm)

Fees & rates 

  • Adults: 80€  (45 min/ individual session)
  • Couples: contact for information


Insurance is not accepted


Arrange a preliminary interview is required

+(34) 676 976 323



Education & training


  • Certificate in Analytical Psychology. C.G.Jung Institut Zürich 
  • 2 intensive summer programs in analytical psychology at C.G. Jung Institut Zürich



  • Accredited psychoanalytic psychoteharpy by the Spanish Federation of Associations of Psychotherapists FEAP
  • Master in Health Administration. UDIMA University Madrid
  • Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Psychology University Barcelona UB (in collaboration SEP – IPA)
  • Training in Psychoanalysis, Centro Psicoanalítico de Madrid, CPM.
  • Program in Psychoanalysis & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Centro Estudios y Aplicación del Psicoanálisis, CEAP Madrid
  • Psychology of Memory. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Psychology for Organizations. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Attention. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Physiological Psychology. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Psychopathology. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Cognitive Behavioral techniques. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Developmental Psychology.  Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Personality. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Psychobiology. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Emotions. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Motivation.Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Research Foundamentals. University Madrid UNED
  • Psychologycal evaluation. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Clinical Assessment. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Phychopharmacology. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Anthropology. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Data Analysis & Research. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Groups Psychology. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Sociology. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Master in Marketing Management. ESIC Business School Madrid
  • Master in Human Resources Management. Autonoma University Madrid UAM
  • Graduating in Psychology. Psychology University Madrid UNED
  • Associate student, Colegio Oficial de la Psicología de Madrid (EAM-00915)
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences.Economist. Alcalá de Henares University Madrid

Also as psychoanalyst:

Psicoanalistas Madrid

Ethics & Responsibility

Professional ethics

  • My work as therapist with clients is strictly based on responsibility, care and respect
  • Be committed to the clear objective of being beneficial in client´s therapeutic wellness

Human Rights

Also, as psychotheraist I´m attached to human rights

This means, not making any judgment or distinction for any reason (race, color, sex, language, religion, political opinion or any other, national or social origin, economic position, birth or any other condition) during psychotherapeutic treatment


  • Confidentiality of the information revealed during the sessions by the client is absolutely guaranteed.
  • Therefore, information is not shared with third parties


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