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What is Psychoanalysis?

  • Psychoanalysis is a treatment approach based on the observation that individuals are often unaware of many of the factors that determine their emotions and behaviour. These unconscious factors may be the source of considerable distress and unhappiness, sometimes in the form of recognizable symptoms and at other times as troubling personality traits, difficulties in work and/or in love relationships, or disturbances in mood and self-esteem. Because these forces are unconscious, the advice of friends and family, the reading of self-help books, or even the most determined efforts of will, often fail to provide relief.
  • Psychoanalysis, as a treatment method, is based on concepts concerning unconscious mental processes originally formulated by Sigmund Freud and then further developed by many experienced psychoanalysts.
  • Psychoanalytic treatment can reveal how these unconscious factors affect current relationships and patterns of behaviour, and help the individual to deal better with the realities of adult life.
  • In the course of intensive psychoanalytic treatment, the nature of the relationship which develops between patient and analyst will have significant features deriving from the “internal world” of the analysand and become available for experience and exploration by the analysand and analyst together. It will become possible to understand core patterns more deeply and to work to make meaningful, wished for changes
How are psychoanalysis sessions?
  • The most intensive form of psychoanalytic treatment is Psychoanalysis itself. This involves scheduling regular “sessions” of 45 or 50 minutes several times each week for a number of years
  • The commitment to this analytic “setting” is a serious one on the part of both patient and analyst

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

  • Specialized model of therapy
  • Psychoanalytic or psychodynamic psychotherapy draws on theories and practices of analytical psychology and psychoanalysis. It is a therapeutic process which helps patients understand and resolve their problems by increasing awareness of their inner world and its influence over relationships both past and present. It differs from most other therapies in aiming for deep seated change in personality and emotional development.
  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy,involves in general fewer sessions per week. Some patients start with one session a week, come to feel the need for more frequent sessions


About Susana L. Ruiz

Susana L. Ruiz psicoanalista Madrid

Susana L Ruiz is a psychoanalyst, psychotherapist with private practice at Madrid 

Member of Psychotherapy Psychoanalytic Spanish Association,  AEPP

Trained in Madrid, Zürich and London, with the aim of having more therapeutic resources for service´s clients and gain international experience working with people from diverse backgrounds

She has worked, among others, with Dra. med. Remedios Gutiérrez Rodríguez, psychoanalyst  Ms. Reyes García Miura and  Dr. med. Daniel Valiente Gómez

In addition, she collaborates with professionals in fields of Medicine, Psychotherapy and Psychology, Social and Business organizations

Psychoanalyst, experience

  • Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy private practice with adults in Madrid
  • Clients with different backgrounds (nationality, religion, culture, gender, race…)
  • Counsellor of Managers and professionals
  • Dream analysis and interpretation
  • Dr. Freud’s psychoanalysis practise Complementary, she practices the analytical psychology of Dr. C.G. Jung
  • In therapy to treat anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, obsessions, crisis, couple, sexuality, personality
  • For people who are exclusively focus in the professional sphere, she offers executive coaching sessions,  psychodynamic approach

Spanish and English availability


Psychotherapist training

  • Certificate in Analytical Psychology. C.G.Jung Zürich (Switzerland)
  • Group Dynamics Psychology, Tavistock Human Relations Institut, London UK
  • Psychoanalysis & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Centro Psicoanalítico de Madrid, CPM.
  • Psychoanalysis & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Centro Estudios y Aplicación del Psicoanálisis, CEAP Madrid
  • Psychopathology. Psychology University Madrid
  • Developmental psychology. Psychology University Madrid
  • Personality psychology. Psychology University Madrid
  • Psychobiology. Psychology University Madrid
  • Clinical psychology assessment. Psychology University Madrid
  • Anthropology, social. Psychology University Madrid
  • Master in Executive Coaching
  • Master in Human Resources Management
  • Graduating in Clinical Psychology. Psychology University Madrid
  • Bachelor of Economics. Alcalá de Henares University Madrid
  • Successful completion of  +350 hs personal psychoanalysis (accredited)
  • Supervision with psychiatrists of recognized prestige
Psicoanalistas Madrid
Bienestar Psicoanálisis

Psychotherapy Services offered

Psychoanalysis in English Madrid

  • Psychoanalysis in English Madrid, individual sessions, “face to face” for adults (Spanish available)
  • Psychotherapy in English at Madrid for adults (Spanish available)
  • Counselling in English at Madrid (Spanish available)
  • Executive Coaching (Spanish available)

Specialized therapy based psychoanalysis. Treatment of anxiety, depression, phobias and fears, psychological distress, couples, crisis, lgbti,  family, professional life. A Methodology from a deep psychological perspective

Working hours, Therapy Services:

  • Tuesday and Thursdays from 9am to 22pm
  • Office located at Madrid (city center) -find map below-
  • Customized prices under request


Ethics as psychotherapist

Professional ethics, responsibility and guidance to the patient

  • My work with clients is strictly based on responsibility, care, respect
  • Be committed to the clear objective of being beneficial in their psychological and emotional well-being

Also, be attached to Human Rights:

This means, not making any judgment or distinction for any reason (race, color, sex, language, religion, political opinion or any other, national or social origin, economic position, birth or any other condition) during psychotherapeutic treatment


  • Compliance with the ethical code as a psychotherapist beyond the current GRPD General Data Protection Regulation
  • Confidentiality of the information revealed during the sessions by the client is absolutely guaranteed.
  • Therefore, information is not shared with third parties


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