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What is psychoanalysis treatment for ?

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Psychoanalysis is both a theory of the human mind and a therapeutic practice. It was founded by Sigmund Freud between 1885 and 1939 and continues to be developed by psychoanalysts all over the world

Psychoanalysis treatment and psychoanalytic psychotherapy are for those who feel caught in recurrent psychic problems that impede their potential to experience happiness with their  partners, families, and friends as well as success and fulfilment in their work and the normal tasks of everyday life. Anxieties, inhibitions and depressions frequently are the signs  of inner conflicts. These lead to difficulties in relationships and, when untreated, can have a considerable impact on personal and professional choices. The roots of these problems often go deeper than normal awareness can reach, which is why they prove to be irresolvable without psychotherapy.

It is with the help of an expert analyst that the patient can gain new insight into the unconscious parts of these disturbances. Talking with a psychoanalyst in a safe atmosphere
will lead a patient to become increasingly aware of parts of their previously unknown inner world (thoughts and feelings, memories and dreams), thus giving relief from psychic
pain, promoting personality development, and providing a self-awareness that will strengthen the patient’s confidence to pursue their goals in life. These positive effects of psychoanalysis will last and lead to further growth long after the analysis has been terminated.

Source : International Psychoanalytical Association

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